Aiyana Koka Willard, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Brunel University London 

Centre for Culture and Evolution

GASK 267

Brunel University London
Kingston Lane
Uxbridge, UB8 3PH

Research Affiliate

University of Oxford

Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology

twitter: @aiyanakoka

I have always been intensely curious about other cultures and religions. I spent much of my early 20s exploring the world, travelling to different continents, and immersing myself in new cultural experiences. In my academic career, I have put my curiosity to the new task of understanding the origin and foundations of culture and how it related to religious beliefs. Religion and supernatural thought play a central role in the lives of billions of people around the world. It  affects their decisions about life, work, food, health, and morality. Yet the scientific study of it is still only in its infancy. 

My academic and methodological interests span beyond the boundaries of traditional psychological research. I borrow liberally from anthropology, sociology, and economics in my research. I also have a strong interest in statistics, and quantitative methods. I believe that solving problems complex cultural and cognitive systems requires collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and cross cultural research. 

My CV is here.


Psychology Brunel University London

School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, Oxford

Culture, Evolution, and Religion Consortium, UBC 

Centre for Human Evolution, Cognition, and Culture, UBC 

 If my research had a theme song, it would be Howl, by Junip: